Fantastic week sailing around Pembs, thank you guys! Ben Ford – Coastal Skipper May 2018

Fantastic week sailing around Pembs

The instructor, Roland, is a natural teacher in sailing. He was fantastic and extremely friendly and easy to get on with and listen to. Joanna Barrington – Start Yachting March 2018

Instructor is a natural teacher in sailing

I wasn’t sure what the content of the course would be, so I had no firm expectations. But having done it, I can’t think of anything that would improve it either. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Tony Trimble – Start Yachting March 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I cannot think of any improvements you could offer to improve the quality of the weekend I have just experienced. An excellent weekend. My thanks to Nikki for the warm welcome and Roland for your excellent and informative instruction. Thank you both. Robin Griffiths – Refresher Skills Training Weekend March 2018

Excellent and informative instruction

Excellent all round. See you next month for the Day Skipper Practical.  Ken Beckett Refresher Skills Training Weekend February 2018

Refresher Skills Training

Such a good weekend, coming back for more. Excellent! Malcolm Canham Start Yachting March 2018

Coming back for more. Excellent!

I was initially very nervous but was soon put at ease and can’t believe how much I learnt. I had a great week and am so glad I took the course. Lorraine Wright Competent Crew March 2018

I can’t believe how much I learnt

Well worth the time and effort. Instructor to student ratio means that all students get the best from instructor time. Really enjoyable course and very good value. Keep on as you are! Fantastic sailing, great course, and excellent instructor. I had a marvellous time. Thanks. Bob Lineker Day Skipper March 2018

Really enjoyable course and very good value

Roland has a great way of explaining very simple things. J Hancock Day Skipper March 2018

Roland has a great way of explaining very simple things.

The relaxed instruction was refreshing and highly productive. Running through skills at the marina prior to being out on the open water was an excellent idea. It meant that when the main sail / reefing was conducted everyone knew what to expect. I felt no pressure to ‘get it right first time’ and this helped the learning process. The instructor’s knowledge was immense, and he spent time giving clear (and when necessary) in depth answers to questions. The refresher course gave me the confidence I wanted. The Day Skipper course is intensive, and it can be difficult to retain all the knowledge, especially without enough follow-on practice. Well worth attending. Thank you!  Carey Freeman Day Skipper Refresher Weekend February 2018

Refresher Skills Training