I thought it was an excellent course. Patricia Morgan. Yachtmaster. May 2017

An excellent course

It was that good that I’ll be back in 2018 for another go…. Ian James. Start Yachting May 2017

It was that good that I’ll be back…..

An excellent course. Nikki was lovely re booking, payment and welcome. Roland is a really good teacher who understood well what I needed to get from the course and made sure I got it. Great fun too and good company. Many thanks. Gerry Davidson. Refresher Training/Honing Skills May 2017

An excellent course.

Would highly recommend Pembrokeshire Cruising to my family, friends and colleagues. Excellent confidence building. Craig Thomas. Day Skipper May 2017

Excellent confidence building.

My 5 day course from the the moment I stepped on the boat was a brilliant experience . I learnt so much from Roland , the fact that you are staying on the boat you are living and breathing sailing for the 5 days sharing experiences with fellow crew as well. On my trip we experienced strong enough winds with need to put up the storm jib up , we had tranquil bays to pull into ,rough seas , rain and sunshine .Enough just to take me out of my comfort zone but under the watchful eye of Roland. A brilliant experience that has made me a much more competent sailor with lots of skills to build on to increase that confidence
Thank you You Nikki and Roland again for a life changing experience. Jeff Moran. Day Skipper May 2017

A life changing experience.

It fulfilled all our expectations without being too intensive and was good fun in some beautiful scenery. Also picked up some day skipper knowledge. Jan, Dave & Ioan Ward Competent Crew April 2017

It fulfilled all our expectations….

I can’t recommend Pembrokeshire Cruising highly enough. The training is extremely thorough but also relaxed and incredibly enjoyable. I have taken 3 courses and all the trainers have been fabulous. I have just completed Day Skipper and we had such fun! I can’t wait to come back for some mile building. Learning to sail is one of the best things I have ever done. Thank you Roland and Nikki! Ruth Ailwyn Day Skipper April 2017

I can’t recommend Pembrokeshire Cruising highly enough.

Superb course – 10 out of 10! We had a fantastic time and Roland was a superb teacher. We loved the opportunity to get a feel for the boat, and I wouldn’t change a thing about the way the course was run. Fantastic to start to get a taste for the Day Skipper skills as well. Thanks so much – we’ll be back! Ben & Sian Martin. Competent Crew April 2017

Superb course – 10 out of 10!

Overall I would rate my experience with Pembrokeshire Cruising as Excellent. Looking forward to continuing my training. Ken Beckett Competent Crew April 2017

Looking forward to continuing my sail training

An Extremely well organised course, well structured to ease your way through the course and supported by an extremely knowledgeable skipper. Craig Lynham April 2017

Supported by an extremely knowledgeable skipper