Once again a fabulous five day sailing this time taking my day skipper. Our instructor Paul worked us very hard and we learnt loads. The other trainees on the boat were doing a mix of competent crew, day skipper and coastal skipper and Paul tailored the training to suit each individual and push them beyond the relevant syllabuses. The best things about the five days were the laughs we had, the meals together on board, seeing all sorts of wildlife including dolphins and all of us passing our individual courses. Anthony Strange – Day Skipper August 2018

Once again a fabulous five day sailing with Pembrokeshire Cruising

The course exceeded my expectations – so much depth was covered in a very well structured and interesting way.
The range of experience of other course members made and that of the instructor made for a fantastic ‘student’ experience. Jacquiline Sole – Competent Crew August 2018

Exceeded my expectations

It was a great experience. Enhanced by having such a knowledgeable instructor. The course left us feeling very inspired to seek out more opportunities to do more sailing!😀 Andrea Madams & Family – Competent Crew August 2018

It was a great experience

My experience of taking the competent crew course with Pembrokeshire Cruising was excellent. The course content was very good taking us beyond the knowledge and skills necessary for the competent crew certificate. As part of the five day course we went on a three day cruise into St Bides Bay, the highlight of which was anchoring in North Haven on Skomer Island. I went on deck in the middle of the night and have never seen so many stars and the Milky Way. The sailing was excellent with plenty of opportunity to practice tacking, gybing, mooring, navigating, etc. The best bit of the course was our instructor, Martin, who pushed us all the way but made the whole thing a lot of fun. All in all fantastic. Anthony Strange – Competent Crew August 2018

The best bit of the course was our instructor, Martin

Roland and his wife Nikki were really friendly, and clearly very passionate about sailing. Our skipper was Paul, and he was brilliant. He clearly had a vast understanding of everything sailing, and a whole load of experience too. He’d been sailing all over the world, and was more than happy to share his experiences. In fact, there wasn’t a single thing he didn’t seem to know about, and we quizzed him on everything! Beth Keeble – Start Yachting August 2018

Friendly, and clearly very passionate about sailing

I had the best time! I loved it – I only wish I could do more. Emily Morgan – DofE Gold Residential & Competent Crew July 2018

DofE Gold Residential

5 Star Rating. Daren Bremner – Competent Crew July & August 2018

5 Star

Excellent! Alex H – DofE Gold Residential & Competent Crew July 2018

DofE Gold Residential

Highly Recommended.  Alice A – DofE Gold Residential & Competent Crew July 2018

Excellent DofE Gold Residential