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Marine Radio (SRC)

The VHF Radio, fixed or handheld is one of our primary pieces of safety equipment. We need to be familiar with our onboard radio and confident with its use and procedures.

The Short Range Certificate is the minimum qualification required by law to control the operation of VHF and VHF Digital Selective Calling equipment on any British flagged vessel, including both fixed and handheld equipment using international channels.

Being able to happily call up the marina, the Coastguard or your friends on another vessel is a very useful skill. We must also be able to transmit an emergency call using the correct procedure to enable the emergency services to quickly respond with the information they require.

The course is split into two parts:

  1. The award winning RYA online course takes you through the procedures at your own pace. There is online help, but if you get stuck, our instructor, John Hooton, is ready to chat you through any problems. For a taster, click the link below.
  2. Having completed this pre-exam knowledge check you will be able to download a certificate which you must have, before joining us in the classroom. The classroom session is a vital part of the course as it enables you to work on real radios. John will step you through the procedures on our Training VHF sets. We have a suit of DSC Radios, including a handheld on which you will be able to practice with all the 'knobs and whistles', as well as plenty of speech.
Course Instructor John Hooton

Included in the course:

The final exam is conducted by Geoff Baldwin at our classroom facility.
Once all is completed, the RYA will award the Maritime Radio Operator Certificate of Competence